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Sooke woman wants House of Commons to debate allowing MAID for people with Alzheimer’s disease

WATCH: A Sooke woman is petitioning the federal government to allow people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease to give advanced consent for a medically-assisted death. She began her fight after watching her mom, a vibrant artist, battle the disease. Luisa Alvarez has the story. (click picture)

This is just in…   February 1, 2019

Dana has won a big one for all of us.   The petition closed on January 30.   The results can be read at .. Petition e-1854 – E-petitions.

So many wanting access to Medical Assistance in Dying.   So many “not vulnerable;” so many not crying “for protection;”   so many “wanting their rights;” and so many wanting MAID corrected and their Advance Request(AR) respected and honoured.

Thank you Dana and all those who responded.   This is a big step forward!

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