World of Wonder? (WOW)

Does that mean “world of wonder?”

So many things coming together at the same time and we seemingly have the right politicians coming to the field at the right time to provide leadership (now that’s a world of wonder).   We have the Truchon & Gladu case from Quebec and the wonderful promise of the Prime Minister “to not appeal .. and study the legislation to remove other restrictive practices.”

The door is opening.   Take a look:

In spite of my optimism, I realize it’s not a straight course.   There are gaps.   Look at this news piece from CTV on December 8, 2019…

Obviously, we have a way to go .. but you and I can play a role in this evolution of Canadian medical history.   Here’s what I wrote .. and I’m going to write more to every MP and MPP for whom I can find an email address.   Please join in and help “kick the ball” down the field.   The goal posts are wide open.

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