Update on Maid – January 2021

In the past few months, much has been written (and not written) about MAID.   Early November, I offered the following brief to the Justice Committee just before its anticipated review of MAID following the direction of the Quebec Superior Court regarding its Truchon and Gladu decision of September 2019.

After much back and forth in both the House of Commons and the Senate, the entire matter has been postponed again until February 26, 2021.   The Senate has been apprised of my recommendations vis-a-vis a brief similar to that which I advised the Justice Committee of the House (above).   

Needless perhaps, but I am frustrated and endeavouring to go directly to the public through whatever media access is available.   Consequently, the Toronto Star recently published the following article.   

I am following up with a brief entitled “Let’s Get Real“.   Hopefully, we may see something more on TV, radio, and the press by February when the Senate Review should be returned to the House of Commons for final consideration.   It’ll be all about Bill C-7, which basically responds to the issues raised by the Quebec Superior Court (Gladu and Truchon).   

A more complete review of MAID is anticipated by June, but that may be forestalled by an anticipated Federal Election.   We’ll see …

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