Sources of Help

In Canada we are blessed with the resources and information provided freely by a national organization calling itself – Dying With Dignity Canada(DWDC).   If you are interested in learning more – in fact learning all you need to know – go to DWDC at .. 

There are two Canadian writers of some note:

Sandra Martin has written extensively on the subject.   Three years ago, she penned an extensive referral base entitled .. “A Good Death” and in January she contributed the following column to the Globe and Mail. 

Shannon Proudfoot came to my attention with a wonderful story about “Jo” published in Maclean’s(Sept. 18/2018).   In addition to ‘Jo,’ she embedded several reference to previous works.   All are excellent and do much to inform and encourage us all to search and to create solutions for the many of us afflicted with dementia.   Try this ..

The rest is all mine.   The first:  a paper I created last May to inform and stimulate discussion about MAID.   The other two are similar:   briefs to Provincial and Federal Ministers responsible for administrating – and hopefully – improving MAID legislation. 

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