Ron’s Background

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Ron has also lived in Germany, Quebec and Calgary.   He received his formal schooling from the University of Western Ontario,   Wayne State University, and the University of Toronto.   Most of anything he’s learned that was worthwhile was earned through his experiences in the RCAF, College Militaire Royale, and as a teacher in public schools.   As a teacher, he specialized in special education, became a curriculum consultant, and retired as a school superintendent.   He’s lectured in thirteen universities and colleges in Canada and the United States.

After teaching and with a Doctorate in the cross disciplines of administration and business studies, Ron became a businessman of sorts.   With a major interest in organizational change and an ability to speak, he was often asked to be a motivational speaker at business and educational conventions.   He advocated “change” when it was still a four letter word and was frequently enjoined by large and small enterprises to work with them in a consultative capacity.

In 1996, Ron was able to retire from remunerative engagements … but he still liked to write.   While actively employed, he contributed more than twenty peer-reviewed articles for publication, and then upon retirement, he wrote two unpublished novels — just for fun.

He was physically active.   He used to ski, hike mountains, and while in military college, he boxed, swam, and fenced competitively.   He learned to fly(major interest) early in his life and has accumulated more than 5800 hours flying to meetings and vacations from the Arctic Circle to Central America … and all the warm islands he could find(because it’s easier to scuba dive).Paragraph

Upon retirement, he and his wife(Sandy) chose to live in London for six summer months and travel by RV(travel trailer) throughout  warmer parts of the USA for the other months.   With the onset of dementia, they’ve had to change.   The RV had to go, so they travel by car to more local exotic locations.   And at home, they indulge themselves in the company of friends.