MAID anytime – with or without medical considerations.

In June I set out “Where We Were With MAID” largely as a consequence of a virtual presentation I had made to a men’s Probus Club in Mississauga (see post).   Toby Stewart, one of our supporters, caught it and submitted the following for consideration.  He’s positing an extension of my proposal:   he wants to request MAID anytime – with or without medical considerations.   Just when he’s ready and he’s willing to leave the final responsibility with his ‘Substitute Decision Maker’ as specified in his request and Will (Power-of-Attorney – Health).   He is not alone.   An increasing number of people have spoken to me about this kind of consideration.   This would mean a lot – particularly with those with mental health problems or those who are completely exhausted from fighting serious, painful medical conditions.

Think about it.   A number of us would like to know what you think.  (Please use my email address ..

Toby’s position:

I advocate farther than you do to completely ‘liberalizing’ Self-Euthanasia via MAID. My sole caveat (the same as is legally required with anyone’s Will & Testament) is that I be of ‘sound mind’ at the time I communicate my choice to die via MAID. (This can be communicated via an Advance Care Directive should one later become incompetent mentally… and that again parallels one’s only legal requisite when one creates one’s Will… and I have no problems with needing two witnesses for either of these two legal EOL-end-of-life documents.)

I believe that my right to die shouldn’t require some terminal diagnosis to qualify for MAID (nevermind all the other current legal hurdles) … after all, we each begin to die from the moment we’re born. Therefore, it follows that I (and anyone else who so chooses) should be able to die peacefully at the time of my own choosing — ideally before any severe pre-requisite medical condition otherwise requires me to consume limited healthcare resources over a potentially long duration (while displacing others more needing those same resources to survive). I will know when it is my own time to die – based upon much sound assessment and forethought, coupled with a communicated list of threshold criteria.

IF our laws prevent me from accessing this EOL — by my own choice when I’m still of sound mind — via a simple inexpensive injection, then I’ll choose a more violent means — which will be more traumatic to all concerned — my surviving family first (even though I’ve had ‘the talk’ with them), and secondarily any witnesses or first responders… plus potentially the person(s) driving the truck, train, bus or whatever.

Unrestricted access to MAID is eventually what I’d like to see in place… ideally removing assisted suicide from our Criminal Code altogether… and allowing anyone who chooses MAID as their right to die method, to proceed as one would with other any other ‘elective’ medical procedures… at the time of their choosing.

Thank you for facilitating this discussion for us, and for allowing me to contribute my hoped-for future MAID vision to you and to your other followers.

I am one of the many who submitted such points to the federal ‘CONsultation’… and I also comment similarly in other forums eg. Healthy Debate… and the old (pre-Ford) Health Quality Ontario… but without much effect – at least not so far. I will continue to advocate for ‘liberalizing’ EOL MAID!

I am also a DWDC member and contributor.

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