Good News – August 1, 2019

Really good news, the Alzheimer’s Society for Canada(ASC) is revising its policy regarding MAID.   Pending ratification by the Board of Directors in September, the ASC will post its new policy on their website.   Now we can move forward with programmes that truly provide a “Beacon of Hope” for many people living with dementia.   And now, more importantly, we can actively support Dying With Dignity Canada(DWDC) in its attempts to rectify the shortfalls of MAID.   See the ASC’s stated intention as of August 1, 2019.

2 thoughts on “Good News – August 1, 2019”

  1. Fabulous news! Congratulations to you for your tenacious spirit on this important and imperative subject. With ASC behind MAID, the powers that be must listen and amend the laws to allow for advance planning. Well done Ron!!

    1. –Thanks Margot. I appreciate your support very much. I’m trying this reply format for the first time and I find it awkward. Could I use your email in more common manner through my email contact list? There will be more to share and I reach out to my dementia friends frequently.

      Ron Posno

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